About us

STR Telecommunication is a leading worldwide, independent manufacturer and system supplier for infrastructure facilities and solution in the field of communications, energy system, safety, security, heavy duty and safety vehicles industry. STR Telecommunication is cooperated with companies in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and United Arab of Emirates which are completed several turn-key projects with their highly qualified personnel and consultants who have extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines.

STR Telecommunication provides comprehensive services covering all aspects from feasibility studies right through to the final commissioning of systems. We undertake projects of all sizes in accordance with time planning and budgetary requirements of our customers, whether we are their subcontractor or turnkey supplier.

STR Telecommunication experts and consultants are available to our customers for all kind of services required to achieve optimum solutions. Our design engineers develop all types of tower masts antenna systems and accessories perfectly suited to the customer’s requirements and local environmental conditions and offer all kind of safety system, security system and the accessories required and Heavy doughty Vehicles with all kind of it.

Attention to each customer’s technical and logical requirements provides confidence and satisfaction is the focus of our business.We provide our employees with a supportive and encouraging working environment to achieve their maximum potential and guarantee high quality project implementation